Emilie Hache : Reclaim Ecofeminism

Emilie Hache

Reclaim Ecofeminism: Women, Minorities and Witches Against the Anthropocene

Wednesday 12th of April 2017

4.30pm, Guerlac Room AD White House 


Emilie Hache is the author of an article with Bruno Latour: “Morality or Moralism? An exercise in Sensitization” (Attached to this email). She has also published several anthologies on Ecology and Feminism: Ecologie politique. Cosmos, communautés, milieux,(Amsterdam, 2012) and Du monde clos à l’univers infini… et retour. (Dehors, 2014). These books contain first traductions in french of Haraway, Davis, as well as contributions by Bruno Latour, Stengers and Chakrabarty. Each of these books contain an introduction by Emilie Hache where she reflects on the state of Ecology from a political and epistemological perspective. She is also the author of Ce à quoi nous tenons (2011, La Découverte), which explores the consequences of the current ecological crisis.

Emilie Hache has just published a new anthology on Ecology and Feminism: Reclaim (Cambourakis,2016). In this book she introduces and analyzes the works of Susan Griffin, Starhawk, Joanna Macy and Carolyn Merchant.