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Past events organized by the French Studies Program at Cornell University

Todd Shepard: “Sex, France, and Arab Men: 1962-1979”

Abstract: Algerian questions— and answers— made the sexual revolution French. This talk sketches out a history of how and why, from Algeria’s independence from France in 1962 and through the cultural and social upheaval of the 1970s, highly sexualized claims about “Arabs” were omnipresent in important public discussions in France, both those that dealt with … Continue reading “Todd Shepard: “Sex, France, and Arab Men: 1962-1979””

Anne Berger returns to Cornell to discuss Psychoanalysis and Gender Theory

“Is Psychoanalysis a “Theory of Gender” ?”   Anne Berger  Distinguished Professor of French Literature  and Gender Studies at Paris 8 University   Monday October 2 at 4.30pm  Guerlac Room, A.D. White House    Abstract: In this talk, Anne Berger returns to an old question — as old as the field of gender studies itself … Continue reading “Anne Berger returns to Cornell to discuss Psychoanalysis and Gender Theory”

Sylvie Tissot (Paris 8) is coming to Cornell this Tuesday !

“Class, Race and Gay-friendliness in Park Slope (New York) and Le Marais (Paris)” Sylvie Tissot Professor of Political Science at the University of Paris 8   Tuesday September 26, 4:30pm Klarman Hall KG42 Abstract: the 2016 Orlando shooting have shown that homophobia is still ingrained in contemporary societies. Yet gay marriage has gained recognition in both countries … Continue reading “Sylvie Tissot (Paris 8) is coming to Cornell this Tuesday !”

Seats still available for French Classes !

Seats still available in FREN 3710: Women Stories in French and Francophone Cultures and FREN 4400: Enlightenment Without Borders! Contact Professor Vallois (mv46@cornell) with any questions. See the course roster for more details:

Emilie Hache : Reclaim Ecofeminism

Emilie Hache Reclaim Ecofeminism: Women, Minorities and Witches Against the Anthropocene Wednesday 12th of April 2017 4.30pm, Guerlac Room AD White House    Emilie Hache is the author of an article with Bruno Latour: “Morality or Moralism? An exercise in Sensitization” (Attached to this email). She has also published several anthologies on Ecology and Feminism: Ecologie politique. Cosmos, communautés, milieux,(Amsterdam, 2012) … Continue reading “Emilie Hache : Reclaim Ecofeminism”

Translation published of Laurent Dubreiul’s ‘Refusal of Politics’

By: Anna Carmichael, September 29, 2016 The 2012 book “The Refusal of Politics” by Laurent Dubreuil, professor of Romance studies and comparative literature, has been translated into English by Cory Browning PhD ’15 and released by Edinburgh University Press. In the work, Dubreuil develops a conceptual critique of today’s democracy and social order, calling for a qualified refusal of politics that … Continue reading “Translation published of Laurent Dubreiul’s ‘Refusal of Politics’”